[Satosa-dev] Federeated domaian in AAD authenticate with IDP pysaml2 sample.

Gustavo Duarte gus.duarte at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 19:30:42 UTC 2020

I tried another test.

I test pysaml2 IDP against https://samltest.id site.

And following error was reported:

opensaml::FatalProfileException at (
Unable to establish security of incoming assertion.

In SP log following error line are showed:

2020-03-21 13:01:09 WARN Shibboleth.SSO.SAML2 [3878] [default]: detected a
problem with assertion: Unable to establish security of incoming assertion.
2020-03-21 13:01:09 WARN Shibboleth.SSO.SAML2 [3878] [default]: error
processing incoming assertion: Unable to establish security of incoming

That confirm to me, some configuration is wrong.

El sáb., 21 mar. 2020 a las 0:18, Gustavo Duarte (<gus.duarte at gmail.com>)
> Sorry if this ml isn’t right place, but what I don’t  understand is that
the federated domain and idp certificates is the same. I take special
attention on that.
> I would like to know how to debug this.
> Thanks Giuseppe
> El El vie, 20 de mar. de 2020 a la(s) 22:43, Giuseppe De Marco <
giuseppe.demarco at unical.it> escribió:
>> Hi Gustavo,
>> I don't know if this Is the right ml for this, btw I think that you
should use a powershell prompt to set/update/register your new certificates.
>> Many docs and articles on the web show how to do this
>> Regards
>> Il sab 21 mar 2020, 01:23 Gustavo Duarte <gus.duarte at gmail.com> ha
>>> Hi all,
>>> I configured a federated domain in my Azure AD tennant to be
>>> authenticated against an IDP based on pysaml IDP sample.
>>> When I try logging in https://portal.azure.com with an
>>> user at myfedereteddoaim.com, following error happens:
>>> AADSTS50008: Unable to verify token signature. The signing key
>>> identifier does not match any valid registered keys.
>>> Any suggestions?
>>> Thanks in advance.
>>> Regards.
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