[Satosa-dev] separate repository for microservices and/or plugins?

Ioannis Kakavas ikakavas at noc.grnet.gr
Thu Sep 28 07:17:16 CEST 2017

Thanks for that Scott!  That was much more elegant. 

I applied your instructions and recreated the repository. 

Next move is to remove the relevant code from satosa but I think this needs to happen in a major release. Btw should we be moving satosa to IdentityPython too? 


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> >I set an internal deadline for 22/09 and I will get back to you with
> >updates by that time.
> >
> 2 days later - sorry for that - the repo is online. I kept the history from
> SATOSA by using this cookbook from github : https://help.github.com/articles/splitting-a-subfolder-out-into-a-new-repository/
> I couldn't figure out how I could get 2 subfolders into that easily so that
> meant we lost the history of the tests dir. I believe we can live with that,
> but if not, I'm open to suggestions on how it could have been retained.
> New repo lives in https://github.com/IdentityPython/satosa_microservices


I think losing the history of the tests and the examples directory is
not ideal.

I just tried this and it resulted in what I think is a better solution:

git clone git at github.com:SUNET/SATOSA.git
git remote rm origin
git filter-branch --index-filter 'git rm --cached -qr --ignore-unmatch -- . && git reset -q $GIT_COMMIT -- src/satosa/micro_services tests/satosa/micro_services example/plugins/microservices' --prune-empty -- --all

That leaves a repository with the microservices src, examples, and tests
and their history and that could be turned into the new repository.

Before anybody pushes anything into the new microservices repository can
we consider replacing it with the output from the above?



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