[Idpy-discuss] Notes: idpy dev call, 7 July 2020

Roland Hedberg roland at catalogix.se
Tue Jul 7 17:22:48 UTC 2020

Sorry, I missed the meeting today.

Just one thing to add. 
OpenID Foundation are now moving from the old test suite to a new one.
For a time now anyone that applies for certification using both the old and the new suite can do it for free.
No one has taken the bait so far :-/

Neither oidc-op nor oidcrp has been officially tested.
I’ve run the test suite locally but not recently.
So I though I would do it officially.
To that effect I’ve started testing with the old suite and will later continue with the new.

So far I’ve encountered and fixed one bug in the cookie handling.

> On 7 Jul 2020, at 16:04, Heather Flanagan <hlflanagan at sphericalcowgroup.com> wrote:
> Attendees:
> Giuseppe, Heather, Ivan, John P, Hannah, Christos
> Regrets: 
> Scott

— Roland
Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes, work never begun. -Christina Rossetti, poet (5 Dec 1830-1894) 

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