[Idpy-discuss] thiss.io select as alias support

Scott Koranda skoranda at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 21:00:04 UTC 2019

> So, has thiss.io been developed and/or used with pyff's select as alias in 
> mind and, will pyff allow the alias on the /api/search endpoint? Maybe Scott 
> made it work as he needs select as in some of his deployments?

Still working on it...

What I can tell you is that if my pipeline has this

- select as ligo_approved:
    - "https://login.ligo.org/idp/shibboleth"
    - "https://shibbi.pki.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/idp/shibboleth"
    - "https://orcid-saml-gateway.gw-astronomy.org/idp"

Then I can do a query like this:

curl -H 'Accept: application/json' | python -m json.tool

and "find" the KAGRA IdP (second in the list above).

So my hope is that I can create from a thiss-js repository clone a second
discovery service that has/uses a SEARCH_URL that points to

and thereby deliver a second discovery service with the limited set of IdPs.

Note that the URL

is NOT using the search API calls. It is processed using the full pipeline
mechanism. So it is slightly slower, but that is not a problem for my use

I don't know if Leif will extend pyFF so that the search API calls will
respect the alias.


Scott K

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