[Idpy-discuss] Notes: idpy dev call, 17 December 2019

Heather Flanagan hlflanagan at sphericalcowgroup.com
Tue Dec 17 15:00:15 UTC 2019

Giuseppe, John P , Johan, Hannah Sebuliba, Antonis, Nikos, Ivan, Hanna Short, Christos, Heather


0. Agenda bash
1. OIDC Federation update
   a. OIDF poll open until 7 January 2020 (https://openid.net/foundation/members/polls/196 <https://openid.net/foundation/members/polls/196>)
Requires OIDF membership to vote, but that isn’t expensive for individuals

2. GitHub review
   a. OIDC implementations
Idpy Board agreed last week to take the OIDC python libraries under idpy. Roland and OIDF have to make sure IPR is clear and Roland will then move the GitHub repositories into idpy. Over time, we will deprecate the pyOP libraries.

   b. Satosa - https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA <https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA>
New front end for Satosa being worked on by Antonis and Nikos. The initial work is being done outside GitHub (because it is part of another project). 
New Satosa release - includes a (potentially) breaking change around how we map to OIDC claims that have multiple values. When we create a new response towards an RP, the internal representations have multiple value (e.g., given name has 2 values). The OIDC spec does not dictate how to handle multiple values; that must be defined per claim. Sometimes the values are separated by a space, sometimes an array. The core claims in Satosa are now defined, and other claims are also being defined. See the documentation for more detail.

Next on the list for development:
https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/pull/280 <https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/pull/280>
https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/pull/279 <https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/pull/279>
https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/issues/179 <https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/issues/179>
https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/issues/148 <https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/issues/148>

Also a request by Giuseppe to look at:
https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/pull/220 <https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/pull/220> - These require some architectural decisions about if/how to create new hooks in modules. Ivan will consider the options.
https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/pull/216 <https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/pull/216> - Should be easy to merge.
https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/pull/214 <https://github.com/IdentityPython/SATOSA/pull/214> - Ivan needs to review this one in more detail.

   c. pySAML2 - https://github.com/IdentityPython/pysaml2 <https://github.com/IdentityPython/pysaml2>
Next on the list for development:
https://github.com/IdentityPython/pysaml2/pull/647 <https://github.com/IdentityPython/pysaml2/pull/647>
https://github.com/IdentityPython/pysaml2/pull/518 <https://github.com/IdentityPython/pysaml2/pull/518>
https://github.com/IdentityPython/pysaml2/pull/602 <https://github.com/IdentityPython/pysaml2/pull/602>

Will also start looking at signing and encryption. Hannah Short is willing to assist.

   d. pyFF - https://github.com/IdentityPython/pyFF <https://github.com/IdentityPython/pyFF>
Leif is working on the PR for pyFF 2.0. This will drop the front end from the pyFF repo; the front end and UX will be under thiss.io (which is not an idpy project).

3. AOB
Hackathon - did not get a lot of people; having it overlap the sessions did not work well. Suggestion was made to make another hackathon on 23 March, immediately before the eduGAIN town hall. 
Tutorial - rather than dev work, suggest we try this at the BoF planned for TNC
Workshop - suggest we try a more focused dev day where we define in advance what things people will work on; this will require a bit more framing but has the possibility of more code as an outcome. Maybe use the TIIME meeting for this?

Heather to send out a poll to see what idpy developers would be interested in.

Next call scheduled for January 7. Ivan (and other team members) will be traveling that day to an eduTEAMS meeting; Ivan to verify whether he can make that day or if we need to move the call.
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