[Idpy-discuss] Notes: idpy developers call, 6 March 2018

Heather Flanagan hlflanagan at sphericalcowgroup.com
Tue Mar 6 15:03:48 UTC 2018

Martin, Heather, Scott, Rainer, Ivan

Leif, Roland, Jonas, John, Benn

0. Agenda bash

1. XML bug (Ivan)
It is primarily an XML issue. We are not effected because we are using
element three which by default strips comments (though that is
problematic in a different way). This means one of the standards for
signing is not included in the code base. This is still a theoretical
limitation (no one has complained (yet)).

Ivan has found some interesting tools that might be used to help
validate XML. There is a tool in pySAML2 to do this; it works, but it is
not maintained. Ivan is still investigating. Note that this might also
be of interest to pyFF.

2. pySAML2 PRs - https://github.com/IdentityPython/pysaml2/pulls
Scott’s PRs are waiting on him to write tests. No other blockers.
PR 471 is straightforward to merge.
Ivan is still reviewing the other PRs.
PR493 is failing tests but the fix might not be the right solution.
There are many places where pySAML is encoding things, so need to
understand where and how we can generalize this. Need a test.
PR495 is also assigned to Ivan. It seems fine; will probably just accept.
PR499 is new. Not sure what the use case is here. It ties back to Issue
412 from May of last year. It could still use a test; Ivan will write a
comment asking for that.
Action item: update the PR template to be more explicit in asking for
the use case

3. Governance update
Many thanks to the interested parties that filled this out, but alas, I
will need to extend the doodle poll as some of the key people are unable
to be in the same place at the same time. Look for an updated poll in
the next few days.

4. AOB
* Consent manager service (Martin) -
https://github.com/its-dirg/CMservice/blob/master/src/cmservice -
discovered code injection bugs while investigating the SAML bug. Roland
says the code has been abandoned. SURFnet is actively using the
CMservice, so the question is what else is being used in the consent
space in idpy?  For the other deployments described on the call, consent
is not part of the workflow (e.g., platform participants are employees
or otherwise have already consented to using the service)
    * Should it be included? Consent will become more of a thing in the
future for additional deployments. Scott is supportive. Request for
Martin to ask if SURFnet is willing to provide some resources for
ongoing maintenance. Martin to send a formal request to the list as per
our inclusion guidelines.
    * SURF fork of the software:
    * The its-dirg is a department that has since been disbanded as Umea
University. Need to reach out to Leif and Roland to see if they can
reach out to someone who still has access

* New functionality request that would require a new SAML front end -
The Satosa mirror front end exposes multiple IdPs by mirroring the IdPs
that are available from the back end. If you’re federating with eduGAIN,
it would take those IdPs and expose them at the front end as multiple,
logical IdPs. This bypasses the WAYF. Satosa still looks like a single
SP.  For Scott’s use case, rather than having mirrored IdPs that are
based on the downstream authenticating IdPs, the goal is to have
multiple virtual IdPs on the front end of Satosa that correspond to VOs.
The idea is that using a CMP, you would have a VO and would be able to
provision into Satosa a logical IdP that represents that organization.
Example: A set of SPs want to federate with the IdP for the MWA
collaboration. So, when the user looks to the service, they pick their
VO and from their VO, they get a smaller list of associated IdPs. The SP
will still think the user has come from the MWA virtual IdP, not
whatever the actual downstream IdP authenticated was. This is intended
to be something dynamic.
    * This seems to be a new use case, and new tool(s) will likely be
    * Where should the information be stored? How does it consume the
information over time? Should this be functionality for Satosa as a
whole, or be a separate front end? Scott will pull together an initial
proposal and more specific questions for the group.

Next call:
March 20 - Note that Heather is unavailable, but group will still have a
discussion if needed

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