[Idpy-discuss] pyop id_token enrichment

Martin van Es martin at surfnet.nl
Mon Dec 17 13:17:17 UTC 2018


We are facing interesting OIDC challenges regarding sparsely featured OIDC 

One RP has an oAuth2 based implementation that never accesses the UserInfo 
endpoint because (I freely quote the code comment) "They already have 
everything they need to know from the id_token". It turns out, Google bloats 
their id_token with claims so they reduce (effectively prevent) requests on the 
UserInfo endpoint. It seems more and more RP's start to assume the token 
endpoint will deliver everything they need or at least enough in the id_token.

We have decided to go along with the Googles of this planet and bend.

Now, pyop doesn't normally enrich the token endpoint id_token, but has a 
parameter to consume extra_id_token_claims, just like the authhorizatoin 
enpoint. From a satosa endpoint however, I have no access to the interal_resp 
from the user to enrich the token endpoint. sastosa handle_authn_response does 
set the authz database with the extra claims (consumed by userinfo endpoint I 
guess) but I have no way to know the key (userid) to reliably access these 
claims on the token endpoint and pyop doesn't have a authz code to userid 
converter, as far as I know?

The best way I see, would be to modify pyop to enable internal (Provider 
scope) extra_id_token_claims in the token endpoint. But we don't want to 
maintain yet another fork in our deployment. This means that I'm allowed to 
make a PR, but only if I have IdPy's commitment to merge the changes back 

Question: did I miss an option in pyop config that already does this? Or has 
somebody already started an effort to implement this? If not: is IdPy willing 
to merge this enhancement if I created a PR?

Best regards,

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