[Idpy-discuss] CLA/CCLA message sent

Heather Flanagan hlflanagan at sphericalcowgroup.com
Wed Apr 11 13:16:58 UTC 2018

To add to this thread, Benn, Leif, Roland (briefly), and I talked about 
this at the end of the call we had with Michiel @ Commons Conservancy. 
Here are notes from that discussion:

Can we find a way to collect the indication as to whether a person has 
legally contributed code without a CLA?
Perhaps assemble a sample set of a small handful of institutions that we 
expect we’d need to solve this with? Start with technical contacts to 
get them to describe the roadblocks so we can clearly define the problem.
Design a low-touch solution, like a shrink-wrapped statement to the fact 
that “by taking the next step, we assume that you have the authority to 
contribute both historically and in the future” like the IETF Note Well.

If we start from the position that the employer owns the material, and 
the employee may or may not have the authority the grant to use it or 
even the ability to release it under the Apache license, what’s the 
risk? Loss over IPR theft.

If Peter were to ask for confirmation that his interpretation that his 
code contributions are ok, then it’s 50/50 as to whether it will be a 

Roland is an example of having contributed code through three different 
employers. His agreement was to basically agree to not talk about it so 
that they could avoid get lawyers involved.

First next step, draft an IETF Note Well-like object (try to discuss @ I2GS)
Second step, need to ask Roland and Peter whether or not something like 
the IETF Note Well would work for them.
Third step, take this back to the potential IPR home and see if they are 
ok with this

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